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From The Book of Moreign© 2017 Anthony Moreign. All Rights Reserved.

" Irrespective of who you are … your efforts will be blessed –or– nullified by God "

" People of Faith, are those who strive to live-their-Faith, daily ... to be a positive force to ALL ... irrespective of whether (or not) they subscribe/believe in a specific religion/rite/sect. "

" Moreign Family's practical values —{ rooted in Faith, handed down through the Generations, derived from experiences living across multiple-continents (e.g., Europe, North America, Asia, Australia), and from embracing our multi-ethnic & multi-cultural heritage (e.g., English, Indian, and Texan-American) }— provide a baseline, irrespective of an individual's Faith, that is adaptable to living in today's world. " In computing OOP terms, the Base Class.

From The Book of Anthony© 2017 Anthony Moreign. All Rights Reserved.

“ Enabling the world of business to Evolve and adapt Effectively

by Enhancing existing investments and Embracing progressive ideas

when Employing practical technologies and Ensuring global compliance

therefore Empowering the people to achieve and Elevating True Enterprise ROI”™