My Linkedin CONNECTions are limited to a select few … you are welcome to FOLLOW me on Linkedin –and– via www.HCCUG.org, for my AI-focused Talks and more :-)

▪ Gradually building my linkedin network while focusing on Quality and NOT Quantity of connects.   

▪  I became the YOUNGEST speaker ever (age 17) at HoustonTechFest.com, a title taken over by my brother (www.linkedin.com/in/ZaneMoreign , 2014, age 15). 

▪ Grew up in the computing industry and the professional computing community, under strict NDA dealing with Microsoft pre-releases — in addition to School and enjoying learning  multiple foreign languages,  while expanding my computing skills, such as,

… SaferOS™ and other distros of Linux and Unix, 

 … 50+ Computing Certifications from Intel, Google,  and more

Disclosure:   Rather than focus on my crosses/physical-disabilities, I remain grateful for continuing to be blest with


this site is being gradually rebuilt as I complete my PhD and add to my AI research

 ... meanwhile enjoy Zane's pro-privacy Simple_Safety™ series at  https://HybridCloudGroup.org/Simple_Safety